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We were wandering downtown in Tokyo, mesmerized by all the high-end boutiques, small back alleys, and local street markets. Finally breathing the air in Japan after saving money for a year for this travel.


Taken 09. July 2016 – Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo


While roaming around shopping for random goodies; one thing that was on the bucket list for bringing back to Europe was some nice Japan and anime-inspired apparel. You see, we are a lot like you guys wearing the latest fashion trends, into streetwear, snapbacks and hip-hop culture in general but we also love Japanese culture, history and of course anime/otaku communities.

The biggest obstacle we ever met was bringing back nothing of what we had in mind. Most apparel we found was either too corny or way too expensive. Tokyo is a city for everyone but for some reason, nobody made a great hybrid between Streetwear apparel and Anime designs...


Taken 09. July 2016 – Harajuku street, Tokyo


Then we had the Idea:
We will just make it ourselves.
1st step: Let’s call it Tomodachi
2nd step: Find some artists on the web
3rd step: Make dope apparel
Last step: Launch the brand to the public

(The way we described this sounds pretty easy but hey, who wants to read the boring parts we did, right?)

So here is the brand
Tomodachi was established as a brand made by friends for friends. The whole idea is that we will make a community based on friendship. Let’s be real, we didn’t know any designers or even what we were doing. The most eye-catching quote stated by travel agencies while we bought flight tickets was;
a friend is just a stranger you haven’t met yet.
We found some artists on the web, they decided to help us, in the meantime, we will help them. Artists often don’t get a voice except for social media, instead, we could maybe be a platform for artists? We connect our fanbases and everyone is happy. Kind of similar to how friends help each other.
You are now our Tomodachi